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Universal Joint Crosses

Our Company offers various types of Universal Joint Cross for varied use and applications in automotive vehicles which are as Universal Joint Cross by Bearing Cups Style, Universal Joint Cross by Vehicle Model, Universal Joint Cross For European Vehicles, Universal Joint Cross for Trucks and other vehicles. The Quality of our products are widely appreciated by the end users of our products for high performance, low maintenance and longer service life. The offered products are in conformity with international norms and quality standards of the industry.

Part No VEHICLE Price/Rs. Each
GPS-202 Tata-1210* D/M* S.E*608*609*709*809*407 N/M (Rear) Rotoweter {Cup-Diameter 38.05 m-m, Lock to Lock 57 m-m(IL)} 470.00
GPS-203 Tata-1312*1510*1516*1612*2213*2416 (Turbo) 16.15 Front {Cup-Diameter 46.05 m-m, Lock to Lock 69 m-m (IL)} 720.00
GPS-213 Tata 4018 Circlip Type R S B Type* Tata 3118 {Cup-Diameter 48 m-m, Cross Length 135 mm(OL)} 1050.00
GPS-217 Tata 4018 (Patti Type) Spicer Type AMW Truck* Mahinra Navistar {Cup-Diameter 49.20 m-m, Cross Length 154.80 mm(OL)} 1500.00
GPS-218 Ambassador*Trakker* Leyland Steering M/M* Contessa {Cup-Diameter 23.85 m-m, Cross Length 61.20 m-m(OL)} 230.00
GPS-220 Jeep Willys*Bajaj Trax* Bajaj Town & Country O/M {Cup-Diameter 27.01 m-m, Cross Length 81.75 m-m (OL)} 300.00
GPS-221 Jeep Diesel*Marshal*Commander*Balero*Scorpio* Utiliti*Pick-up*Maxximo-L/L Dost {Cup-Diameter 27.01 m-m, Cross Length 81.75 m-m(OL)} 290.00
GPS-232 Tata Ace Magic (Outer Lock) Cap-Diameter 22.00 mm, Lock to Lock- 54.20mm 230.00